WORKSHOP EVENEMENT avec SIR LEDGEN vendredi 16 février 20h30-22h !

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Vendredi, 16. Février 2018 - 20:30 - 22:00

Programme & Tarifs

Date : Vendredi 16 février 2018
Catégorie : Dancehall Vibes
Horaires : 20h30-22h
Tarif : tarif exceptionnel de 14€ et cartes LAX !!


About him :

Sir Ledgen is a Jamaican-born and raised energetic soul, with pure passion for craft. He's been dancing since "diaper days" back home in Jamaica. He migrated to the US and moved to New York, where he began dancing professionally shortly after.

He has trained in styles such as Hip-Hop & House, expanding to Popping, Waving, Isolations and more, while keeping a strong core in his native style of dance, Dancehall. He grew up in the underground caribbean scene by studying and training in dancehall, learning from pioneer creators of world renowned dances like, "Tek Weh Yuhself" (by Black Blingaz) & "Nuh Linga" (by Ova Mars), just to name a few.

Since then, Sir Ledgen has ventured into theater, working with Young Jean Lee's "The Shipment," onstage at the 2009 International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA), even movies, in John M. Chu's Step Up 3D in 2010.

His roots, and hybrid style of dance, created a unique character, which allowed him to travel across the US, Canada, and internationally to Europe, where he received a standing ovation for his performance at the Justé Debut (JDH) event in Paris, France. 

During his travels, Sir Ledgen teaches workshops, performs, and holds seminars about the history, music and culture of Jamaica and its influence on the dance. He taught and trained alongside one of his mentors, Laure Courtellemont, Broadway Dance Center NYC and even in Los Angeles at Millennium Dance Studio. He is now a member of Laure's company Ragga-Jam, & Danca-Family NYC by Blacka Di Danca.

His choreography and dancing skills has been featured in many different art forms, including cable-visions FUSE TV, as a specialty choreographer in Kiesza – "No Enemiesz" video, and played an Acting role in her "Sound of A Woman" album trailer. He's performed at Madison Square Garden with Diplo, Skrillex and Kiesza for New Years Eve 2014, and for REEBOK France at Grand La Place in Paris 2015. 

Recently, he can be spotted in Red Bull TV's "Way Past Midnight" first Episode and all over Rihanna ft Drake's WORK video. He went on to assist her choreographer Tanisha Scott for her 2016 MTV VMA awards "Rude Boy / Whats My Name" performance & again for Sean Paul's 2017 UK/Europe stage Tour.  

Sir Ledgen is always a student of the arts and continues to share his cultural experiences and a smile with all who embrace it. So come one and all for the love of Dancehall.

About his class :

This Dancehall / Ragga Jam-flavored, high-energy yet balanced class, will provide a seasoned taste of Jamaican culture.

You get started with a warm-up loosening the body, while introducing you to Caribbean steps and guidelines. We'll progress into a section dedicated to the basics, the structure of Dancehall, which is seen in many popular videos from your favorite Reggae/Dancehall artists, ie. Row di Boat, Bogle dance and worldly known Willie Bounce.

We then change gears with a segment called "Follow di Leader;" we break into interactive steps, and join into session where you get to experience the party feel of Dancehall. That's where the discipline was formed; in the streets.

This assists in the growth of students allowing for advancement in form and technique throughout the class as it intensifies with more complex steps and routines.

Sir Ledgen brings a challenging and fun-filled environment to learn while sweating and dancing to Caribbean music. Come one and all, for the love of Dancehall