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WORKSHOP street jazz avec "MIZZ UNDERSTOOD" le samedi 21 janvier 2017 !

Samedi, 21. Janvier 2017 - 15:00 - 18:00

Name / Nom :
Mizz Understood

Schedule / Programme :
. 15h-16h30 : Beginners-Intermediate  / Débutants-Intermédiaires
. 16h30-18h : Advanced / Avancés

Tarifs : 
. 14€/cours
. CARTES LAX acceptées !!

About them / A propos d'eux :
From Copenhagen in Denmark. 
'Mizz Understood consists of three young energetic professional dancers. Power, performance, and passion is everything, and as teachers we aim to make our students aware, of how they can improve as dancers and performers.'

About their class / Leurs cours : 
Street Jazz class
'Our class has its foundation in HipHop and Street Jazz movement, where stage-performance combined with the ability to work with both masculine and feminine attitude is key. We believe in true support and feel-good vibe, where students feel happy, safe and therefor empowered!'